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   Syd's Yummy Stuff

(562) 716-4798

We are here to help with all your homemade jam and baked good needs.  We are also here to ensure all your parties are what the neighbors are talking about for years to come!

A Southern California Based Company For Catering and Homemade Jam

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Syd's Yummy Stuff was started by our Executive Chef Sydney Berman.  Sydney grew up with two Grandmothers and a Mom who loved to cook, and show their love to everyone through food.  Naturally Sydney found herself enrolled in Culinary School right after high school.  Sydney's love of food turned into a love of healthy food; so once she graduated from Culinary School she got her Bachelor's in Nutrition and Dietetics.  This means our products are getting the best of both worlds, they taste amazing and are good for you!  This means no high fructose corn syrup, corn syrup, artificial colors or flavors.  These NEVER touch our products.  Any colorful food has been made from natural sources just as Mother Nature would want (plants, fruits, edible flowers).  We care about what goes into your bodies so your soul is just as nourished as your appetite.  We cater to patrons big and small with our delicious homemade jams and baked goods as well as providing catering services from appetizers to main courses.  Our jams and baked goods as well as our catered cuisines use the finest ingredients, always fresh, always made with love.  Special diets and allergies are no cause for concern here at Syd's Yummy Stuff because we want everyone to enjoy our masterpieces!
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