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Getting your Children In the Kitchen

Eating dinner as a family is an event, and it should be, everyone gathering around the table to talk about their day with a delicious plate in front of them. It’s an event, but it doesn’t have to start around the table, getting your family involved in the dinner making process can be just as enjoyable as eating together!

One tip I have for families is to start out with a conversation with their children. At dinner one night, talk about the meals they like the meals they don’t like and what meals they would like to have for dinner. This way the choice is not just yours as the parent, but is fully inclusive. Bring out Grandma’s recipe book and go through what some of your favorite meals were as a child. If your children like to watch Cooking Shows, take note of the dishes that they get excited about and find the recipes to make at a later date!

Once you have a recipe for a dinner, take your children to the grocery store with you, I know this can be challenging but TRUST me it will work. Tell them what the dish is and let them pick out the vegetables; encourage them to try ones they haven’t had before. Let them choose by their favorite colors…Who knew that there were so many different colors of carrots? Never tried a colorful cauliflower? Now s the perfect time to try purple food! This gives children the feeling of being included in the dinner making process.

Note: For children who are picky vegetable eaters, this is a GREAT way to get them interested in finding a vegetable that they like!

Once the ingredients are purchased, the bonding experience doesn’t have to end there. Bring your children into the kitchen to help cook!! I started by peeling cucumbers and potatoes for my Mom and now I am a Chef! My sister lets my niece pick the herbs and spices, my niece loves to open up the spice containers and smell them, picking out which ones she wants to use. It doesn’t always turn out amazing but she’s in the kitchen with my sister, being a part of the dinner making process!!

Start out small, having your children peeling the vegetables, gradually let them use knives. TRUST me children will be careful with them, the best way to instill fear in a child with a knife, is to never let them use one!! Watch them carefully, but teaching them these skills will be a lesson they can and will use their whole lives!!! Don’t feel comfortable teaching your children how to use knives? Never fear, Chef Sydney is here to help, just email her at!!

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Apr 25, 2019

Waking up and finding my whole refrigerator empty on the floor. Eggs, milk, ketchup, mustard you name it it was every where. From my kitchen to dining room into my living room, onto my furniture.

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